Calling all high school students!

Our Solving Urban Challenges two-day workshop provides a sneak peek into a more sustainable and equitable future. Day 1 focuses on What are Urban Challenges and How to Solve them and day 2 focuses on Solving an Urban Challenge in your Community. 

Day 1: What are Urban Challenges? How to Solve them?

On day 1, students start by observing their own cities through a thoughtfully guided Jane Jacobs walk. Using the sci-fy framework for cities, students start bucketing their observations into different aspects of a city: Transportation, Energy and Utilities, Safety, Health, and citizen participation.

Industry experts are then brought in to explain who the decision makers in a community are and how decisions are made. By understanding who makes decisions that impact the community and how they make those decisions, students become empowered to start asking “Why?” questions in their community.

Why is there nothing to do in the city I live in? Why do I have to rely on a car to get me places? Why is it not safe for me to walk around the neighborhood at night?

We at sci-fy believe that asking “Why?” questions at an early age leads students to develop solutions to these problems later on in their lives.

Day 2: Solving an Urban Challenge 

During day 2 of the two-day workshop, students will develop their own proposal on how to solve one urban challenge in their community. After learning how other cities in the U.S. and around the world are solving their urban challenges, students will be challenged to take what they have learned, and put forth their own proposal on making their city better.

We at sci-fy believe that if students start questioning the status quo of their city and start dreaming about how to make it better, change will be created in the short and long term.

If you are interested in participating in our two-day workshop, volunteering at it, or supporting it, see how to Get Involved here.