What we do

The Smart Cities Initiative for Youth (Sci.Fy), aims to educate middle and high school students in the Bay Area about the importance and fundamentals of sustainable living space. Students will learn about the importance of a vibrant and safe community through pillars of a smart city: Energy and Utilities, Transportation, Health & Safety, and Civic Engagement from young adults in the field and industry experts. From there, students will develop a proposal for their own city and present their ideas to the Mayor, School District Supervisor, and other influential decision-makers in the field.

How we do it

We host a two-day workshop in the summer. Students that participate in the workshop experience:

  • Inventive Thought: Allow students to develop the capacity for originality and invention
  • Transformation Process of Idea Development: Building layers of information and establishing connections between them until the point at which original ideas emerge
  • City as a Context for Application: The vehicle through which this learning occurs is a scale model of the student’s own city or community projected into the future